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Our Approach

Close working relationships

Our commitment goes beyond lending money - we are dedicated to building a sustainable future for Ireland by focusing on social and affordable housing projects.

Our relationship approach is designed to be straightforward giving you transparency in terms of our underwriting process and the cost of funds. We believe that close working relationships, quick turnarounds with a commercial approach will help you work through the inevitable issues that arise in the completion of your development.

Our Solution

what makes us unique

Our purpose is to be a catalyst in accelerating the roll out of homes for people across Ireland which is why we can advance funding earlier. Funding can be drawn down pre-contract underpinned by an agreement for sale to an AHB, Local Authority or the LDA. This means you can get funding when you need it most – at the start of the project reducing cost uncertainty by reaching project conclusion more efficiently.



Higher Level of Finance

Reduces equity requirement


Funding as early as you need it

Faster Diligence

Allows early commencement and accelerates the delivery timeline


Competitive fixed finance cost

Limited Recourse

Limited to SPV and Cost Overruns

Dedicated Team

We stay close to you and your development
Eligibility Criteria

Who’s it suitable for?

Experienced residential developers & contractors
Experienced residential developers & contractors
Approved projects in association with AHBs, Local Authorities or the LDA
Approved projects in association with AHBs, Local Authorities or the LDA
Funding requests of between €2m and €15m
Funding requests of between €2m and €15m

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We understand that every development is different.

Even if you don’t meet some of the criteria above, please get in touch, we may still be able to help.


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