Peter Brady speaks at the Receivables Finance International Convention in London

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Last week, Helen Cahill CEO and Peter Brady CFO travelled to London to attend the flagship event within the receivables finance industry, RFIx19. Speakers, exhibitors and attendees from a range of fintechs, corporates, banks and government bodies took an in-depth look at the sector globally, the trends and the future of the industry. With a focus on technology’s impact on receivables finance, there were many new entrants and innovators present.


The Investors Perspectives Stream

Taking a complete view of the industry, discussion streams at the event ranged from emerging markets, investors to digital innovation. Peter Brady was invited to take part in the Investors Perspective Stream. InvoiceFair has a large pool of capital market investors on the Platform who participate in the growth of SMEs while generating strong returns. Peter was well placed on the panel to discuss the rising appetite within capital market investors for receivables and further how technology is connecting them with rapidly growing SMEs.

Peter was joined in the Investor Perspective Stream by Louis Hofmeijer the Co-Owner of Dutch Finance Lab BV and Alison Harwood SVP at Varengold Bank AG with Stephen Findlay Chief Executive at BondMason Group Ltd as moderator. Coming from diverse backgrounds, the speakers engaged in a lively discussion about the future of receivables investments and their key predictions.


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