Trade of the week 22/02/19

Business Growth
Solutions used:

InvoiceFair works with SMEs who have been in operation for many years, not just early stage businesses. In this trade of the week, we feature a customer that has been operating for 40+ years, continually innovating and delivering projects into the renewable sector.

With two significant sterling projects subcontracted with a combined value of £690K, they required to trade these both within the same week. Without limits or concentration risk, InvoiceFair’s group of buyers (Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Institutional & Corporate Investors) bid in an auction in both Sterling and Euro funds to purchase tranches of these receivables.

InvoiceFair  In our daily auction we trade receivables for established and ambitious SMEs across Ireland and globally. If you would like to discuss how we can partner to scale your business, contact Sorcha Mulligan at sorcha@ or call +3531663662.




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